Clever app review monitoring

Gather, Analyze, and Monitor what users are saying about your apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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app review monitoring

Product overview

Monitor multiple apps, app stores, and even competitors

Discover what your users are complaining/happy about. Every review has positive/negative sentiment and extracted topics.

Real time monitoring

Get real-time and historical data insights about your customers. Do not miss a single review. Analyze historical data.

Sentiment analysis with
easy-to-understand charts

Our proprietary AI models allow us to reach high sentiment accuracy. We provide context and understanding to your app reviews.

Report generation

Report generation
Custom topics
Advanced filtering

Use cases

App developers

Understand your user like never before. Focus on development, and we will focus on reviews.

Marketing agencies

When Google Analytics is not enough, we come to help. Provide unmatched analysis of your clients’ users.

SMEs and large enterprises

Stop doing review analysis manually, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

What sets us apart

For sentiment and topic analysis we created our own custom solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in developing AI under our belt, we can create the most accurate algorithms in the market.

Full history of reviews with real-time data collection

10 years of data, 500M reviews, 200k apps. We scrape all of your app reviews (Google Play Store, Apple App Store). Did Google delete some of them? No worries, we still got them.

Report generation, custom topics, advanced filtering

Need to present your app review stats to your colleagues? Our report generation fuctionality has got that covered.


Choose our standard Business plan and start analyzing your apps right away. If you have some special requests, don’t hesitate and contact us - we’ll offer you the best deal.

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Report generation

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